Frequently Asked Questions


What are your tuition fees?

Regent Academy offers competitive rates for private Christian education.  For a detailed list of RA’s tuition fees, please click here.


Are you accredited?

Regent Academy is accredited as a Qualified Independent School and receives partial funding from the government.  RA is a member of SAICS (Saskatchewan Association of Independent Church Schools) and employs certified and accredited teachers who hold a valid Professional ‘A’ Teachers Certificate.

Regent Academy uses a variety of resources to provide an education from a Christian perspective, all of which satisfy the provincial curriculum requirements for each grade level.  High school students receive an official provincial transcript from the Ministry of Education for courses completed at the secondary level.

For a list of high school credits we offer, please click here.


What is your anti-bullying policy?

Regent Academy does not tolerate negative actions that may cause emotional, psychological, and/or physical harm.  Guided by Biblical values, bullying behaviour will be dealt with in a serious and timely manner.  The staff at RA believe that all students have the right to a safe, caring, and respectful school environment, free from any harm.


Grades, Hours & Classes

What grade levels do you offer at Regent Academy?

RA offers Kindergarten through grade 12.

What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

As a Qualified Independent School, RA easily meets the requirement by having a 10 to 1 student to teacher ratio.  This includes certified Teachers and Educational assistants.


What is the length of the school day, and how are the classes structured?

A typical school day at RA begins at 9am and ends at 3:30pm, including a 30-55 minute lunch break and two 15 minute breaks (students earn additional lunch break time by completing their assignments and keeping their grades up).

A regular week includes structured academic time and scheduled phys ed, art and drama classes.  For grades 8 – 12, opt-in Home-Ec classes including sewing & cooking, are provided.


Extracurricular Activities

You can find information about our Extracurricular Activities on the Extracurricular Activities page.


Biblical Instruction

What are the beliefs of Regent Academy?

The core beliefs of Regent Academy are written in our Statement of Faith which can be found here.


How often do you have Bible classes?

At Regent Academy, Biblical truths are infused into each subject on an ongoing basis.  We hold weekly chapel services and have regular Bible reading times and weekly scripture memorization.


Dress Code

Do your students wear uniforms?

No, our students do not wear uniforms, however we do have a dress code we expect our students to follow.  The primary objective of our dress code is neatness and modesty.  The RA dress code is loose enough to encourage individual identity and a positive self-image within the borders of appropriate dress for work in a school environment.

For Phys Ed, students 13+ are required to wear shorts and a ‘crew neck’ t-shirt long enough to provide coverage while stretching.  Students 12 and under are allowed to wear pants or shorts and a ‘crew neck’ t-shirt.  Muscle shirts are also permitted so long as they are not relaxed fit and provide adequate coverage.  Athletic socks and running shoes with non-marking soles are required for P.E. classes.


Visiting Regent Academy

Can I take a tour of your school?

Tours can be arranged by calling the Regent Academy Administration Office at 306-763-4431.  Please call to schedule tours at least 2 days in advance.