Accreditation & Curriculum

Accreditation & Curriculum

Regent Academy is accredited as a Qualified Independent School and receives funding from the government.  RA is a member of SAICS (Saskatchewan Association of Independent Church Schools) and employs certified and accredited teachers who hold a valid Professional ‘A’ Teacher’s Certificate.

Regent Academy uses a variety of resources to provide an education from a Christian philosophical perspective, all of which satisfy the provincial curriculum outcomes for each grade level.  High school students receive an official provincial transcript from the Ministry of Education for courses completed at the secondary level.

Regent Academy offers the following high school credits:

Grade 10

  • English Language Arts A10
  • English Language Arts B10
  • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 10
  • Math: Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10
  • History 10
  • Science 10
  • Wellness 10
  • New Testament Survey 10L
  • Food Studies 10
  • Visual Arts 10

Grade 11

  • English Language Arts 20
  • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 20
  • Math: Foundations 20
  • Math: Pre-Calculus 20
  • History 20
  • Health Science 20
  • Physical Science 20
  • Old Testament Survey 20L
  • Instructional Physical Education 20

Grade 12

  • English Language Arts A30
  • English Language Arts B30
  • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 30
  • Math: Foundations 30
  • Math: Pre-Calculus 30
  • Calculus 30
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • History 30: Canadian Studies
  • Life of Christ 30L
  • Instructional Physical Education 30
  • Christian Ethics 30
  • Special Project 30

Modified Courses

For students who may struggle with the regular academic stream, RA offers several modified courses in Math, English, Science and History.


All of Regent Academy’s curriculum is provincially approved.  Our classes include School of Tomorrow curriculum, SAICS (Saskatchewan Association of Independent Church Schools) courses, as well as courses directly prescribed by the Saskatchewan Board of Education.  Our curriculum options enable our students to work at their own pace allowing them to always move forward regardless of another students level.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with a complete Grade 12 diploma, students must complete a specific list of required courses, with additional electives to total a minimum of 24 credits.  Many students choose to complete more than this number, particularly if they require pre-requisites for various post-secondary endeavours.